The land

The first image that one sees when arriving at the middle of the three large capes (legs) of Chalkidiki is a gifted place with unparalleled vegetation, huge golden beaches with sand and rocky spots dug out of the Aegean Sea. The vineyards are spread out on the western slopes of Mount Meliton, at an altitude of 100 – 350 meters and on the borders of the Neos Marmaras area. It is the zone of PDO (RPDO) Slopes of Meliton wines with excellent ecological conditions, which began to be established in the early 1970s, initially with the basic varieties, which with time expanded to cultivations of 28 fine wine varieties.

The climate is dry and hot, but the sea and the forests create a natural fence that traps the evening humidity, thus balancing the high temperature of the hot summer days.

Therefore, today, the vineyard of the “Slopes of Meliton” is characterized as a model of organic viticulture, fully harmonized with modern international trends that promote respect for man, the consumer and the environment.