P.G.I. Sithonia

Sithonia is the middle of the three large capes (legs) of Chalkidiki. The boundaries of the P.G.I. Sithonia are the vineyard from which the PDO Slopes of Meliton originates.

The wine-growing zone where the P.G.I. Sithonia wines are produced is located in the western boundaries of the municipality of Sithonia in the Region of Central Macedonia.

The climate is typical Mediterranean with plenty of sunshine, little rainfall, cool but sunny summers with average temperatures in July and August of around 26°C. Winters are clear, mild with average minimum temperatures above 0°C. Despite the strong weather changes from south to north, there are no sharp extremes such as frost or heat waves, nor sudden weather changes.

Regarding rainfall, the average annual rainfall is 500-600 mm (the value corresponding to the limits of the parameters given for the area), while most of the rainfall occurs from early autumn to the end of spring (October – April). During the summer, there are no more than 10 hours of sunshine per day and the winds in the area are mainly north-northeast, with the exception of the southerly winds that are usually observed in summer.

Oenological Practices “P.G.I. Sithonia”

For the production of dry white wine P.G.I. Sithonia a specific modern technology for the production of white wines is used, with the temperature during alcoholic fermentation not exceeding 20°C.  The white wines are distinguished by their bright white-yellow color, aromatic nose of flowers and fruits, balanced full-bodied taste and aromatic aftertaste.

For the production of dry red wine P.G.I. Sithonia, the classic red wine-making method is used. The red wines are distinguished by their deep, purple color, clear and complex aromatic nose, their special fleshy body and long aromatic aftertaste.

Varieties of “P.G.I. Sithonia”

The category Protected Geographical Indication concerns wines with a specific indication of geographical origin produced from specific varieties. The hilly areas of the region, the cool summer winds, the forests and the sea create excellent ecological conditions for the cultivation of fine – foreign and indigenous – grape varieties that produce excellent, high-quality wines, cultivated using modern techniques

The dry white wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced 60% from grapes of the Malagouzia variety, a rare native white variety with remarkable potential. The remaining 40 % is covered by the varieties listed and recommended by the prefecture.

The dry red wine P.G.I. Sithonia is produced from the Syrah grape variety (60 %). It is a foreign variety, but it has adapted immediately and excellently, mainly because of the coastal location of the vineyards. The remaining 40 % is covered by the varieties authorized and recommended by the prefecture.